This page features some of the amazing art devoted to forms and functions of neuroscience. Check back often for updates!

Greg A Dunn

Published on Jun 14, 2016

“Self Reflected” Artwork by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards. Video by Will Drinker. Music by David Haldeman.



Julia Buntaine

Windows into the Mind

2016. A site-specific installation at Lafayette College, Easton PA.
Brain slides from a rhesus macaque monkey.

Windows into the Mind is a site-specific installation for the windows of the guard house on Sullivan Road at Lafayette College. Comprised of old-style brain slides from rhesus macaque monkeys, the glass illuminates in the daylight and glows in the evening. Juxtaposed against the large empty space, the slides contain something much larger: parts of minds past.



Megan McGlynn


in collaboration with Geoffrey Dubinsky
bronze, steel
50 x 32 x 18 in.







Neuron - Meijer Gardens.clipular

Roxy Paine

Roxy Paine. Neuron, 2010. Stainless steel, 492 x 528 x 624 inches. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gift of Fred and Lena Meijer. © Roxy Paine.


Lia Cook

Published on May 15, 2014

Lia Cook writes: “Animated video showing woven faces from the “Su Series” with MRI brain imaging of the tracks that connect parts of the brain. Images from childhood portrait of Su merged with moving images of the brain fibers from her adult brain.”