Adam Alter on Digital Addiction. Is your iPhone Heroin?

In his video and article, Digital Addiction: How Half the World Got Hooked Online | Big Thinkpsychologist Adam Alter describes the elements of behavioral addiction and our access to digital media. Alter describes,

Adam Alter: Behavioral addiction is a lot like substance addiction in a lot of ways, but it’s much newer. So substance addiction obviously involves the ingestion of a substance, and in the short-term that feels good, and in the long-term it harms your well being in some respects. It can be physiological, it can be psychological, it can harm your social life, it can cause you to spend too much money, it can have a lot of negative effects on your life. Behavioral addiction is similar; the big difference though is that behavioral addiction does not involve the ingestion of a substance, and it’s much newer, it’s a much more recent phenomenon.

Watch the full video here.